Dani: the country will remain without ministers and security until the end of the government

Baghdad (news) .. I expected MP / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini, the security ministries to remain without a minister to the end of the fact that the Maliki government does not trust any Minister receives the security ministries.
Said Dani in a statement (for the Agency news) on Sunday: that the security ministries will remain without ministers to the end of the government because there is a trend in the government compared to the Arab situation and the challenges of the neighboring countries that it does not designate any minister of defense because of lack of confidence blocs political.
She Daini that obstructive primary in the resolution of these ministries is that the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki does not trust any Minister to offer the Iraqi List, noting that the position of the Ministry of Defence due election and a political agreement, even if they agreed political blocs from the outset that the government is without the security ministries Since the problems have occurred.
And showed that the Iraqi giving up much of their entitlements in order to obtain the post of Minister of Defense, and continued: The security situation continues to deteriorate because of the management of the Ministry of Defense Saadoun al-Dulaimi, and by the Department of the Ministry of Interior by Adnan al-Asadi. Earlier, he noted the state of law and a member of the National Alliance MP Khaled Al-Asadi, there is no problem in the management of the security ministries as they run at full power.
Asadi said in an earlier statement (the news): "The resolution of the security ministries depends on resolving the existing Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the Interior Ministry because there is no problem with it, as the National Alliance authorized Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to choose the interior minister."
He pointed out that the security ministries there is no problem in their management, because the Minister of Defense Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a proxy shall exercise its full validity, as well as the general commander of the armed forces runs the Interior Ministry.