Parliamentary Committee invites to facilitate the return of migrants

09 12 2015
Commission asked for the Displacement and Migration parliamentary government bears the responsibility for the Iraqi immigrants who wish to return from Germany through the provision of temporary passports and tickets bearing the costs of return.
The deputy chairman of the Committee on Migration and Displacement nostalgia Qaddo The number of immigrants who are in the whole of Germany amounted to 800 thousand immigrants exist 13 thousand and 750 of them in the city of Berlin Iraqis and accounts for 5 percent of them are living bad conditions and wish to return voluntarily to their country of Iraq, calling on the government to take all measures to facilitate their return and remove obstacles to their return to the country.
He criticized Qaddo, in an interview with «morning», the Iraqi embassy in Berlin, which pointed out that it «were not cooperating with the official Iraqi delegation that visited Berlin to inspect the situation of migrants and stand on their position», urging «Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the issuance of passports, temporary travel for Iraqis wishing to return voluntary and facilitate their access to Iraq », while appealed to the Ministry of Transport b» bear the cost of their return tickets to the country urgently ».
The House of Representatives may form a parliamentary committee; to study the causes of youth emigration, and to develop appropriate solutions.
The MP said Haider Mawla in a press statement that «the problem of the Parliamentary Committee is made up of committees Human Rights and Displacement and Migration, Foreign Relations«, indicating that «the Commission will study the causes of migration, and to develop appropriate solutions« and provides a study of the laws that reduce the migration of young people, stressing the need to find realistic solutions and not prosthesis to the problem of young people.
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