6 countries and 42 companies involved in health care exhibition

December 9, 2015

Tuesday launched the activities of the Second International Exhibition of universal health care on the land of the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 42 Arab and foreign companies specialized in the field of health, as well as 6 countries.

It is scheduled to conclude the exhibition, which is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Health on Thursday.

He noted the "morning" during touring in the corridors of the exhibition, the abundance of offers participating manufacturers of diagnostic laboratories and equipment accidents and emergencies with different kinds of treatments, cosmetics, cleaning and medical equipment, as well as hospital furniture and Yadat.oukal Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Hazem al-Jumaili in a speech during the opening ceremony of the exhibition: "The establishment of the health fair in Baghdad is getting brighter for the second year in a row," adding that "he is one of the basics in building a healthy community, especially as the Minister of Health Adila Hammoud this event attaches great importance." He added Jumaili that "health fairs represent one of the strategies the ministry in order to provide the best health services to citizens, as are an important way to get to the latest developments in the medical field, as an important gateway to attract international companies and specialized expertise in the medical field. "

Undersecretary at the same time called for "participating companies to activate its work in Iraq through the establishment of important projects that will make a qualitative leap in the country." For his part, said trade fairs company in the Ministry of Commerce Director Mohammed Jassim al-Amiri in a statement the "morning" on the sidelines of events, that "exhibitions important in all the advanced countries of the world, as it represents a quick channel for interaction and harmony between the host country and the rest of the countries and companies involved and is also the shift the task to build and quality of the health sector. "

He said that "The sector needs to develop, especially as the health care exhibition represents one of the fundamental pillars for the advancement of it."

For his part, said ministry spokesman Ahmed Rudaini in a statement the "morning", "The number of global and foreign companies participating in the session came to 42 Arab and foreign company specializing in the medical field, in addition to Iran, America, Germany, Lebanon, Korea and Turkey", adding that "The exhibition will be held in Baghdad for the second time."

He Rudaini that "the exhibition opens daily at ten in the morning till six in the evening and continue until tomorrow, Thursday," pointing out that "will provide for professionals in the health field best of modern methods and techniques reached by those companies and countries participating in the exhibition."

Al Sabaah 2015

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