Dozens of contractors demonstrate in Basra to demand their dues regardless
9 12 2015

Union: Dozens of contractors, on Tuesday, at the entrance of the Basra Governorate Council in protest at the delay in benefits their companies disbursed by the local government, as he emphasized contractors each exposed to prosecutions tribal and legal result of their inability to repay loans obtained to finance government projects contracted to implement them.

A member of the Federation of Contractors in Basra Ahmed Hamad, said that "the Union adopted a regulation peaceful demonstration to demand the granting of contracting with the local government companies all financial dues late disbursement of six months ago," noting that "a lot of companies and contractors have a debt owed by the local government worth hundreds of billions of dinars, We reject the fragmentation of those debts or bargained away or postpone the disbursement for a longer period. "

He drew praise that "the demonstrators also demanded that the federal government regardless dues Basra for the current two years and the past, as expressed full rejection of next year's budget because it does not do justice to the province, which suffers from a severe injustice," adding that "in the event of failure to respond to our demands, we will resort to an escalation of the protests in the weeks the next few. "

In turn, the owner of a local company Fouad Hassan, said "A lot of contractors under contract with the local government on the implementation of the projects belong to various sectors bankrupt as a result of lack of local government obligation to pay financial dues, and as a result of bankruptcy have been subjected to threats and prosecutions clan, some of whom have been subjected to imprisonment," adding that "a large proportion of the contractors under contract with the local government carried out the projects contracted by relying on loans obtained from banks and individuals, and those actors not slowed Contractors." Hassan pointed out that "the demonstrators feel they are caught in big trouble because of their dealings with the local government," adding that "reason to resentment more is the version of the Ministry of Planning days before a decision to stop the implementation of ongoing projects of less than the percentage completed about 50%, which many projects in Basra, including the construction of roads and construction of schools. "