Magherk: we decided to edit Anbar
December 9, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network envoy assured US President Bert Maikark, Wednesday, to help the Iraqi forces in the liberation of Anbar province, Iraq and helping to build institutions of all Alachtsasat.oukal Macairk during a press conference at the US embassy in Baghdad headquarters today: "we decided to help Iraqi forces in the liberation of Anbar province, and we will help Iraq to build its institutions in all disciplines, "noting that he" has been allocated $ 10 million to restore the gray reconstruction, it has also been allocated $ 1.2 billion loan to Iraq by the International Monetary Fund for the reconstruction of the affected areas.

"He added that" we are working in earnest with Abadi to achieve reform and the elimination of terrorism, "explaining that" the tension between Iraq and Turkey must be resolved in a diplomatic way. "And Macairk that" our operations against Daash comes as part of an agreement and coordination with the Iraqi government, "calling" of Iraqi forces to take into account the situation of civilians employed by Daash Cdora mankind. "He explained that" Iraq is fighting Daash behalf of all the countries in the world because he is cancer threatens all Arab and European countries, "noting that" we Snjhz Iraqi forces of various kinds of weapons. "