Jubouri calls for an end to all political differences and strengthen national unity
Dec 9 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network refused to House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri foreign intervention or support "friends" without the consent of the Iraqi government. In reference to the intervention Turka.oukal al-Jubouri, in his speech, during the consultative forum set up by the House of Representatives for representatives of the provinces of [Baghdad, and Diyala, Salahuddin, Anbar, Kirkuk and Nineveh] "renew our demand to the international community to support Iraq in its war against terrorism and reject all kinds of interference in Iraq's affairs and affirm the sovereignty and independence of Iraq from all kinds of domination and influence and interference, and here we would like to emphasize welcome all the efforts of the friends and brothers to stand with us, but within the framework of coordination with the Iraqi government in accordance with the usual diplomatic frameworks ", stressing that" it is essential and necessary to point out a number of important Alawagel that you need to accomplish a serious preparation to post-Daash stage and represent the initial features that we aspire to him the cooperation of everyone, "calling for" re-activate document the political agreement with all the contents of the terms and details and give the government a new and extra time to achieve ".utalb Jubouri that" the government is working and backed by the political blocs to secure support humanitarian urgently ensure the safety of their lives in the winter and embark schedule for the return of all displaced persons of not more than two months and refer files Conservatives on their return to the courts for adjudication and an end to nature tribal disputes through committee tribal governmental joint immediately after the direct return ".ohdd on "the need to think of an international conference in Baghdad to support Iraq by the international community for the reconstruction of these cities to ensure securing the minimum validity of these areas to live, in the health and service aspects necessary" .ubark Jubouri "victories achieved these days in Anbar province, the great progress our troops and call for the support of fighters local urgently to accomplish victories desired other editing operations ", stressing the need to" end all political disputes between local parties in the provinces mentioned within the framework of political agreements, which was formed in origin away from targeting and miscarriage and marginalization [and specifically in Salahuddin, Diyala] to give the local administrations opportunity - legitimate - for the implementation of government plans and support the population in the provinces, ".oaattabr Jubouri this consultative forum of the six provinces as a" starting point for the steps corrective reform coming and the adoption of its members and its committees as legitimate representatives of their provinces as elected by the people democracy the way the prestigious ".

He called the President of the Parliament," the government and parliament and the political blocs and all considered religious authorities to support and implement the provinces sons of the demands and stress the need for national reconciliation starts from the inside and in the home and that all Iraqis include and are dealing with objections to the other according to the rule of a just judiciary away from the political and personal judgments ". Also called al-Jubouri," the judiciary and its institutions to work hard to resolve the detainees in the prisons cases of those who did not go to them of interest or delayed their trials accordance with the Constitution and equitable for the oppressed them, ".ofatt that" Iraq faces a stage in its modern history and there must be a political strategy along with military measures to counter terrorism as Many of the political outstanding issues hindering our efforts in the face of security challenges and actors, politicians, demanding the submission of this effort and move to support reforms and reconciliation and to enhance confidence between the parties ".

He said" the chances we recognize that there are problems facing the existence of the state in Iraq, and so we believe that there is a first Khandeghin seeks to build a State and support for the political process, a problem of all shades and the other seeks to destroy the state and the exploitation of their tools for the benefit of your purpose. "He said" It is wrong classification Iraq as Sunnis, Shiites and Turkmen and Arabs, Kurds and minorities, and this category may believe the definition color spectrum of Iraq, but the right thing to be rating the reality on the two destinations patrons State and enemies of the state "He pointed Jubouri that" the provincial population exposed to the occupation of its territory from Daash hit the hardest types of difficult conditions in terms of children and women faced the tragedy of displacement, homelessness and the rigors of life and hardship faced Rjalaha ailments biggest. "and that" it is difficult to live these valued people circumstance destitution and the weakness of the hand and, above all, it was for men of these areas heroic stance, along with the armed forces and the crowd and popular Peshmerga and the mixed blood in the fight against terrorism, and the result was the expulsion of terrorism from more areas of Salah al-Din and all areas of Diyala and stability of important regions in Al-Anbar and all those victories did not not occur to not unite Iraqis ".osttrd speaker of parliament said,".

There is real-time conditions stressful to Athtml wait as displaced It requires the highest degree of packing it Tzadd dangerous day after day and we are in the face of winter and all indicators confirm that the camps for displaced people the power to live in the winter, ".ohdd" We have a quick thinking to ensure the lives of hundreds of thousands in the winter and to begin to restore the displaced to their areas and overcome the problems that prevent it, particularly the security, political, social and all that is possible that boils down to convert the objector file on their return to the courts to prove or deny their relationship to terrorism and they are a small percentage of the displaced "He called Jubouri to "form a political committee tribal religious shared by all parties and to agree on the Charter of him the support of the government and the United Nations and participation in order to resolve problems between the different parties, those caused by terrorist operations" .ofatt that "the positions of the heroic people of the south and make martyrs as sons of position Kurdistan region confirms all of our presence in the front and one to confront this danger and form a vision for our future and Iraqna within the constitution and the political process. "