Iraqi forces regain control of the largest area in Ramadi
09/12/2015 14:29

Iraqi forces sent reinforcements to the area of ​​nationalization in the southwest of the city of Ramadi, which was able to be taken away from Daash organization that was controlled by since the middle of May last.

A senior officer in the Anbar police headquarters that "the regiment of emergency Anbar forces move from the Habbaniyah base area to the nationalization of easily obtainable after the liberation."

Iraqi forces were able on Tuesday to support the International Air Alliance regain control of the area of ​​nationalization, the largest area in the city of Ramadi (100 km) west of Baghdad, in an important indicator in the process of trying to restore the entire gray.

It features an emergency regiment fighters from the people of Anbar have been trained and equipped to install sites on the ground, while army troops engaged in battles and counter-terrorism.

The head of the district council Khalidiya east of Ramadi, David, said that "the regiment equipped with weapons and gear mechanisms, the fighters were trained in urban warfare and the maintenance of the liberated areas of the organization Daash".

According to an Iraqi military sources, the international airline alliance bombed Wednesday morning gatherings for Daash in the north of the city, killing dozens of them.