Ankara naivety ... and the demonization of Washington ... and the interests of Moscow
December 9 2015

Abdul Khaliq Al-Falah

Bring down the plane Russian Su process -24 (in Syrian territory), as described by NATO statement on 3-December-January, it has had unexpected results indicate erroneous piracy in which the Turkish government has signed and revealed paper to play in finding a terrorist forces and expanded support. Russia should also now in the case of defending their interests after he realized the seriousness of the prevailing upon the situation also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin openly where stressed that the terrorists ((positioned in Syria a special danger for us, knowing that among them a large number of descendants of extremists Russia and the republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which broke away from the former Soviet Union.

They get money and weapons and reinforce their abilities. If increased these force, Vsiglpon there (in Syria), and then will go to our homes inevitably, in order to sow fear and hatred and afford some sort bombings and killed and tortured citizens)) Turkey has led the fight by tools and organized their forces and abilities and set off all behind many common interests to achieve various goals, it is true It gave the signal to start the war, but they are learning now well over the difficulty of the task and seemed confident of success as she did after the allied nations stood with them in the position of a spectator of what is going on in the region, the great trap that implicated by Ankara to spark the fire Atkhmd easily.

And actually opened a Russian official statements the door to some speculation that talked about the possibility of a military confrontation between Russia and Turkey, and no doubt that those predictions very naive, talk about such confrontations mean a confrontation between Russia and NATO, "NATO", Turkey, the fact that a member of the NATO countries, it prompting officials and analysts Ross to consider that the shooting down of aircraft "Su -24" as a trap was riveted to Russia. The Turkey are partners in NATO, will not allow Turkey to expand their adventures, because they will enter into a quagmire anonymous and war does not first nor last, this declared NATO through the Secretary of year of, Jens Stoltenberg, told reporters on December 2 / December of (he did not rule out a meeting of the Council of Russia and NATO, pointing out that "NATO decided to suspend the practical cooperation with Russia since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. However, we also decided to maintain the political dialogue between. Russia Council NATO is part of the political dialogue which has never cut off ") (to avoid what is impossible to predict its outcome, such as what happened to the plane," Su -24 "Russian attacked by the Turkish military aviation in November 24 in the skies of Syria).

He welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: "If they let Mr. Stoltenberg to submit this initiative will meet and hear what NATO wants to say to us."

Turkish leadership has made a decision to attack on Syria, which has damaged the international interests of the international balance and set on fire in the countries of the region's politics and turned the scales a result of American policy, which has to intervene in Iraq, but as a result of duplication policy pursued by the authorities of the American occupation and lost in their accounts, it has inflicted US intervention Iraq in a state of chaos, and completely upset the status of balance in this country, and led to the bloody between representatives of the two has the key clashes: Shiites, Sunnis and encouraged sectarianism by supporting well-known political faces Btaiviha.

The former British diplomatic Amy Sky accused, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contributing to the collapse of winning in Iraq after the administration of the US Department of Defense for four years before taking the US as foreign as it was Clinton has recognized the role of Washington in the formation of al-Qaida in Afghanistan against the Soviet presence ICRC has helped Washington to increase census militants at an accelerated pace, where outsourced to Ankara to open its airports and borders to join " Altkvrien "jihadists from the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, America, Australia and countries, for Anzmam" Islamic state ", as" the victorious team ", where she has a lot of" Free Syrian Army "and" Victory Front "associated with" Al Qaeda ".walve Chapettmnha fighters (Daash) and according to CIA data, during the first three months following the declaration of the "Islamic State" itself to take over Mosul, Iraq's second largest city and other territories, the number of fighters the "Islamic state" rose threefold, exceeding 30 A Chks.aly the basis of ideological proposal to establish a Caliphate State over all territories inhabited by far the Muslim population of supporters, is that a number of countries joined the countries that have declared their readiness to face the "Islamic state", and therefore it is not everything together one of the world Araba.uahst seriousness Daash

After taking he believes in himself financially through his control over the headwaters of the areas of oil production in Mosul and Syria, and Anatoly Antonov, Russian Deputy Defense Minister in Matmrsahafa said last week: "The proceeds from the oil of the most important terrorist financing activities Sources in Syria trafficking. The revenue gained nearly two billion dollars annually, as they are spending this money on the recruitment of mercenaries all over the world, and arming and equipping. This is the reason for the keenness of the organization "Daash" the terrorist infrastructure protection predatory oil production in Syria and Iraq. "
Oil is sold through Tjarotrak the knowledge of the Turkish government at very cheap prices and quotes the international road link between them and Iraq, according to what I talked about meteorological satellites and with the participation of Tjarardnyin, Syrians and other shade dealers in many other countries.

Ankara, Erdogan has Ajermt facilitate entry Daash and the attack on Kubani, and support Alamehdod them in Iraq and buy off some Sunni leaders, from politicians, which pushed that his government to further involvement in the quagmire of the Middle East with all his data and his equations complex, by the Turks far reported for years ago, and so Turkish President became in front of multiple scenarios, incomes to Syria under an international cover does not seem to currently available under the new different alliances, Alamuralleha was overturned after the outbreak of the situation in the Turkish interior, which has driven the recognition of his defeat in collected Syria was the great trap that they occurred Turkey, tools and is now after more than four years of assisting extremist forces, they are looking for fast and secure way out of the trap that has been woven and detailed from the West, and after that to the world that the real threat in the current circumstances is the existence of "Islamic state" itself in the tendency towards the expansion of this organization that carried in the beginning the name "Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant" .oaleom took Washington to abandon overthrow the regime in Syria is important, but went to fight terrorism after failing to reach its goals and exit Daash all the red lines agreed towards Europe, which called Kerry Minister US Secretary of recognition on the sidelines of a meeting in Belgrade, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe that the air strikes will not be able alone to defeat the terrorists and will not fully be winning the battle without finding was ready to finish off the Daash ground troops, Kerry explained that he proposed to deploy Syrian forces or Arab to do the job means trying to implicate other countries in wars and conflicts new to prolong the war in the region only. Where reap the fruit in the sale of billions of diverse weapons. The «International Peace Research Institute in Stockholm» (SIPRI) revealed that the «arms exports to members of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries jumped by around 70% during the period from 2005-2009 to 2010 - 2014 representing 54% of the total imports of arms to countries in the Middle East between 2010 and 2014. »

The report pointed out that «the United States accounted for nearly half of the total arms sales to the Middle East, followed by Russia and the United Kingdom.» He revealed Tqriravr issued by the International Center for Development Studies in London in July 2014, «that the total arms deals in the Arab world during 2013 amounted to about $ 165 billion», warning to «that spending on armament in the region has increased in the wake of the Arab Spring events at a high rate, where The average spending on weapons during the period from 2002 to 2010 amounted to $ 70 billion annually, but more than that much in the last two years and reached 100 billion dollars a year », warning that« spending on armament in the Arab region is not commensurate with the needs of development ». It could be argued that the United States remain in the Middle East, and it is seeking to build longer relationships later, and deeper with its closest partners, who have the shedding of the blood of some of them, along with their counterparts belonging According to dictate their interests and the Western system, and it should be clear that under any scenario it is possible to predict; the United States will continue to retain a strong interests from a strategic point, linked to the security of its partners in this vital region.