Sheikh Hamoudi: We will work with partners in the homeland to take unified national position of all that affects the sovereignty of the country away from the differences
December 2015 9

A member of the Presidium of the House of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi, we will work with partners to take home a national and firm position Meims for each country's sovereignty, calling on all political forces to move away from the atmosphere of the differences and move the position of national partnership and a fateful decision with respect to any foreign intervention in breach of the country's borders.

He said Sheikh d. Hamoudi during an emergency meeting of the general body was the National Alliance in Parliament today, the Turkish determination to overcome the country's sovereignty became clear, unfortunately, they did not pay attention to claims repeated by the Iraqi government, warning of the consequences of the incursion and dimensions large on the security of the region and the Turkish interests, especially the economic ones.

And supporting the participants in the National Alliance and procedures of the government's efforts against the Turkish presence in various means full rejection of any breaches of international, as well as the need to put pressure on the Turkish side in all aspects.