Abadi announce the launch of the financial allocations Basra and start desalination project
December 9, 2015

Announced the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced the launch of financial allocations for the province of Basra, stressing start desalination project in the province, stressing the importance of public pressure to invest to keep some positions from quotas.

He stressed Abadi, in his speech during a meeting with a delegation from the segments of the optical community, "the importance of historical, cultural, intellectual and strategic Basra province and injustice restrict oil is important," pointing to "start strategic projects of infrastructure to provide services to citizens, including water desalination project."

He stated that "the province of Basra dear to us and any ill hit it affects the whole of Iraq and the sufferings of Basra are the sufferings of all Iraqis, and the advancement of Basra must be accompanied by the advancement of the rest of the provinces so as not to flee," noting that "we launched some allocations and monitor the disbursement process."

He continued, saying that "the conflict in Basra majority political power struggle, and with that competition is a legitimate right but you should not use a miscarriage and Alafshal style of the consideration."

He added that "we have a serious challenge of the war, there is another challenge down oil prices, but in the light of these challenges, we will come out stronger," pointing to "invest public pressure in order to keep some positions from quotas."