Parliamentary Finance: budget bill will pass in two weeks
December 2015 9

He announced the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive that the federal budget bill will pass during the next two weeks.

He said punitive in a press statement that "after working in the Finance Committee to study the budget in all its articles and clauses, especially the last amendment, which came from the Council of Ministers, the amendments included reducing expenses overall by one trillion dinars, as it was 106 and is now 105 trillion dinars of the total expenditure".

He added that "disability coverage comes through internal and external loans and selling bonds, initially written as a blueprint for these loans, and on the ground is compacted expenses, and therefore does not send as planned in the budget, and so the real deficit at least, as happened in the budget of 2015, as the deficit was planned 25 trillion, but the actual deficit has been repaid by the internal banks (Rafidain and Rasheed). "

He explained that "non-oil imports have been reduced, as was estimated with 14 trillion dinars and is now estimated at 12 trillion dinars, and the reason is because the calculated level of revenues this thing and that what Asthsal levied and nothing else."

And demanded punitive federal government to "take care of procuring and collecting the money the federal treasury as planned in the budget, there are recommendations by the Finance Committee to impose sanctions on those concerned Paljbaah, and that is reminiscent within the budget law, which confirms the departments commitment Paljbaah especially electricity and water fees."

Punitive and stated that "the revenue increase Kartat mobile Internet companies and networks wages and working customs tariff new and some other wages, will not have a clear impact in closing the budget deficit, because of the application to raise prices after the month of August, and will not be a clear difference on the budget only after a period."