Iraq threatens diplomatic Ankara: Snrmak chairs the United Nations

Iraq today / special

What are the options for Iraq to respond to Ankara, Iraqi diplomat over his head - Ibrahim al-Jaafari, made a brief useful Mavi quiver of the country replies: "All options are open before the Iraq .. in the absence of the withdrawal of Turkish troops, after the end of the prescribed time limit tomorrow (today Alaravae- Editor clarify) .nberh threats and intimidation to Ankara, it came out of the mouth of Iraq diplomatic.

In a joint press conference with his German counterpart - Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is visiting Baghdad, and more words Jaafari sent to Ankara in an envelope .. barely had Dblomsaa, it reads: "The deadline will expire, and Snassad position in the absence of the withdrawal of Turkish troops from its territory," and disclosed Jaafari in common with Steinmeier about the reason for the diplomatic infection between the two countries a heart attack:

"The Iraq would not tolerate the presence of armed forces on its territory without coordination, and this intervention is not allowed", and it seems, according to Masenkero, that the escalation of Baghdad with Ankara, will be free of odor gunpowder and filled with the smell of leather chairs: "we will resort to international organizations and the Security Council and the United Nations, to deal with the unacceptable Turkish intervention", and it seems that the responses of "leather chairs", has belied the assumptions coalition of state law, which he described one Noabha- Rashid al-Yassiri, the threat of Iraq's diplomatic Turks , by resorting to the Security Council, that: "Sadly .. like a top choices," and after disappointment, smell irony of coming words Yasiri, where we read in his interview with us: "The Government's response did political forces, was pale and shy about what happened traveled by Turkish intervention, represent reprehensible and denunciation, as if what happened in a neighboring country .. and ask the courtesy to show such position ", and put Yasiri then all the foregoing in a world of wonder:" The country is defiled in broad daylight, and the sufficiency by saying, that Iraq It will resort to all options, including recourse to the UN Security Council, calling for the grief, like the top of the options that will be available in front of Iraq, to ​​defend its sovereignty and dignity, "and Mastada to the policy of" leather chairs "- according to the Attorney expectations:" It will make it Iraq easy prey, other regional destinations. "