NATO admits .. I did not understand the intent "of Saddam Hussein," when he said "the gates of hell Sfhon"

2015-12-09 15:37:48
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad / Sky Press: Former commander of NATO, "NATO" and Wesley Clark, on Wednesday, we did not understand what he meant Saddam Hussein when he said in 2003, "Sfhon the gates of hell if you were able to overthrow me," and now Pat everything is clear. +

Clark said in an interview I followed "Sky Press," "The Middle East is sinking into chaos, and people become imbued with fear."

He continued that "to achieve a decisive victory, it is necessary to unite all the forces that are fighting organization" Daash "terrorist, including the power of Assad's government, the Russian army in Syria, and the Syrian groups, the free and the army, backed by the United States."

He stressed the need to "face the All Daash organization, and pointing out that he has to be a political agreement on the future of Syria."

The candidate for the US presidential election in 2016, John Kasic said, Wednesday, that he can not defeat al "Daash" terrorist only from the air, pointing to the importance of forming an alliance similar to the alliance that formed during the first Gulf War