Trade figures Announces processed quantities of the items of the ration card to all provinces of the country

Today Iraq / Baghdad

The Ministry of Trade on processed quantities of the items of the four ration card (oil - sugar - flour -rz) for the first two and the second, until the first of September, and ensure that the ministry statement figures supplied by and equipped for all citizens in all provinces of the country.

Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese - Minister of Trade and agency, expansion in the scene details: "The ministry and despite the lack of financial allocations for the ration card, and rotate the other amounts accrued to farmers and farmers marketers to crops of wheat and rice, which is located within the framework of the Ministry of Finance but the good completion rates have been achieved this year, There is a major development in the vocabulary processing, especially in the second quarter ", and the materials that have been distributed:"

The ministry is equipped material wheat mills the amount of 1056513 tons in the first quarter, while the achieved amount of achievement in the second semester of 2015, up to 31.8.2015, the amount of 1797326 m, and by a change in service 740 813 tons, is equipped with flour quantity of 841 316 tonnes in the first half, and equipped with the amount of 1,386,885 tons in the second quarter up to 08.31.2015, in the amount of 545 569 tonnes of change ", then jumped to the Sudanese sugar quota.

"The amount of sugar processed in the first quarter of 2015 was 285 710 tons, while the ratio was achieved for the second quarter of the same year, and up to 31.8.2015 amounted to 291 205 tonnes, and the percentage increase is 104 070 tons, while the proportion of processing material rice in the first quarter 285 710 reached tons, and the completion rate achieved in the second quarter amounted to 359 214 tonnes, an increase for the first quarter amounted to 73 504 tonnes, and the percentage of completion of material food for the first separation of oil from the current year 80 432 tons, while the completion rate achieved for the second quarter amounted to 79 885 tonnes and an increase of 5470 tons for the first quarter ", and evaluate these ratios of distribution, commented Sudanese:" The achievement earned ratio was good compared to previous years, despite Dgv privatization and the need for other funds, to complete the third phase of the year, which constitutes recent months, and there is an urgent need to monitor funds new or re-funds allocated to the other sections, because of the shortfall for the implementation of a new supply contracts. "