Cabinet meets to reject and denounce the entry of Turkish troops to Iraq

Denied cabinet anticipate an agreement with Turkey to enter the troops into Iraqi territory. A statement by the prime minister that "the Council discussed at its meeting held on Tuesday the subject of entry of Turkish troops in Iraqi territory, and stressed that national sovereignty and the country's borders geographical red line are not allowed to harm them and overcome them at all, especially since the Iraqi government has not signed an agreement, or allow a neighbor of Turkey to go beyond the borders of our country under any pretext. "

And the entire Council of Ministers according to the statement that "the entry of pieces of Turkish forces is unacceptable and objectionable, and that the Iraqi government renewed its claim the Turkish government to withdraw its forces, and the announcement of full respect for Iraqi sovereignty." The statement pointed out that. "At a time when the government is keen to sustain the good neighborly relationship, confirming its right to take action to save the national sovereignty." On the other hand the face of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, "the formation of a higher ministerial committee is working now to ensure the success of the occasion to visit the death of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) in the coming years, and there should be a permanent body to these tasks."

And the price of the Council of Ministers "outstanding performance of the ministries and local governments and management of the holy shrines, citizens and all those who contributed to the success of the visit the death of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, especially security and service agencies, which were met with great acclaim at home and abroad". As the price of the Council, "the popular and public awareness of what has characterized events this occasion and the spirit of cooperation, discipline and comply with the instructions. "