Trump's statement about Muslims and U.S. Border
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Thread: Trump's statement about Muslims and U.S. Border

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    Trump's statement about Muslims

    From today's Iraqi News forum:

    Mr. Trump said in a campaign statement that "hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population" was evident "without looking at the various poling data"....

    But when data journalist Max Galka did just that, he found that no more than fifteen percent of people in countries with significant Muslim population outside of Syria had a favorable view of Isis.

    What data journalist Max Galka did here is twist Trump's statement about Muslims into a statement about how Muslims feel about Isis, and used poling data on that subject to indicate that Trump's statement is incorrect. Is the journalist implying that most Muslims not affiliated with Isis don't hate Americans? Hey Max, believe it or not, there are Muslims besides those supporting Isis who hate Americans.

    A truly detrimental side note to this is, there's plenty of people (Americans included), who draw incorrect conclusions from this kind of fact twisting and reporting because they're simply not paying attention to the words actually being said and often prefer to believe what someone tells them rather than form a studied opinion of their own.

    None of the above comments are intended as an endorsement of Trump. They are however intended as razor criticism for anyone who twists facts with intent to mislead.
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