Dr.. Ikram: plans for the advancement of the production sectors

9/12/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Need industry to highlight the need to raise the proportion of its contribution to GDP to achieve the revenue was included in the provision of supporting infrastructure and encourage companies with investors (according to economic expert).

Member of the Iraqi Economists Association d. Akram Abdel Aziz stressed that the provision of agricultural production requirements, livestock and elements of success of agricultural land to be productive, but Aigb about the need to boost agricultural production base and provide its requirements so as to ensure the achievement of self-sufficiency in agriculture, as well as it regards to the industry any need to provide food and pharmaceutical and environmental security for citizens .

She added in an interview with «morning» on the treatment to put agriculture be possible to go to buy or rent or invest in the territory of neighboring countries for the cultivation of certain crops in the presence of problems specific to the agricultural reality of desertification, water scarcity and technological obsolescence of emergency on the country and the circumstances and to achieve the aspect of food security .

She stressed the need to move towards the promotion of agricultural colleges outputs and within places stable and cities in Iraq, through the provision of certain areas to move towards agricultural investment and production animal in order to operate and bring new resources.

It urged Abdul Aziz on the support of the private sector in all relevant areas of agricultural and industrial recent initiative launched to provide loans for small and medium projects to the private sector and duration of the evidence for a real work of a pop-up on the trends reform document Government Reform launched by the Prime Minister.

She said that the issue of the launch of these loans and to highlight the industrial initiative serves orientations economy, but it needs technical management of a public money and follow up the seriousness of what distracted and move characterized by high transparency and disclosure to the public and I miss it need to support the tourism sector will enhance the level of his performance, it is another source of income generation sources and especially that Iraq has a high possibility of deducting the revenues from entrants across religious tourism of the holy shrines in Iraq, in the holy city of Karbala and Najaf, stressing the need to develop Aiardih controls to ensure the achievement of income and trade promotion and other services movement inside Iraq.

And dealing with unemployment and its impact in the community problem Abdul Aziz said this phenomenon, which represents an imbalance structurally in terms of the nature of the distribution of the labor force between sectors taking into account the sectors that need to be supported operating the largest as a sector Construction and directed him and detract from what can be provided by the private sector through the management and optimal use of loans required the trends and specific to create diversity in the sectoral structure and labor absorption.

And it focused at the end of her speech the need to pay comprehensive attention with regard to urban and industrial areas Investment and Free Zones, as well as savings funds sovereign investment, stressing say: often let specialists to the necessity that there be a savings fund or a sovereign or investment style generations boxes in the Gulf this Fund states to him that can be extra income except as a source of resources for investment in the face of requirements to stumble when oil prices and declining oil revenues.