Trade contracted with the company to supply Toyota Motor Salon type Korla

BAGHDAD / JD / .. General Company for Trading Cars announced one of the formations and the Ministry of Commerce for the contract with Toyota for the supply of cars Salon type Korla and cars bus type Hayes for the purpose of distribution to potential buyers citizens. The Director General of the General Company for Trade cars on the beginning Saadi in a written statement received / JD / copy of it: that his company has worked to diversify its auto import sources of the origins of a different order to implement the wishes of the citizens and meet the needs of the service and private cars.
He stressed that the Ministry of Commerce is sponsoring and supporting the private sector companies were distributed (53) Memorandum of Understanding is a Agents or authorized from international companies specialized automobile industry.
He noted that his company received more than 20 353 car and a mechanism to mixed sector was the implementation rate of 287% and marketed more than 17 152 cars and 163 mechanism by completing 286% and was moved in 2647 leap and quantities 86 307 leap and by 118%. noting that the company General Motors Trading has prepared new plans for the new year include the supply of the best types of private and service cars that meet the needs of the Iraqi citizen to be a real competitor for domestic and commercial market.