Secretary General of the Council of Ministers: the experience of decentralization need to administrative reforms and economic and financial
Date: Monday 02/27/2012 13:34

Baghdad (news) .. The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Ali Mohsen Keywords The experience of decentralization requires reforms of administrative and economic and financial.
A statement of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers today: Products that receive a delegation from the United Nations Development Programme consists of experts from the Institute of Canadian public service, to provide advice to the Iraqi government in promoting the experience of decentralized governance.
And he said: During the meeting: that the Constitution supports the experience of decentralized government in Iraq and being developed by the progress is not a slogan but the requirements are necessary for the sharing of power and authority.
He added that Iraq is moving in the right direction towards strengthening decentralized governance based on a series of legislations and laws that are currently subject to extensive discussions to be presented to the House of Representatives.
He pointed out, that the experience of decentralization requires reforms of administrative and economic and financial institutions working to create an Iraqi Alan theoretical frameworks, legal and necessary legislation.

The other hand, indicated both by the Director of UNDP in Iraq Peter Bagelr and representative delegation of the Institute of Government of Canada Marie Antoinette to "the possibility of the experience of the nomination of four Iraqi provinces to monitor the possibility of pilot implementation for the future of the relationship between the center and the provinces in the direction of decentralization on that supports the Canadian Institute of Rehabilitation Angels governmental organizations that will implement the experiment. / Finished / l. m /