Adjust cell announce the elimination of smuggling cars from border crossings in Basra

Court announced the achievement of the resumption of Najaf Manathira, Tuesday, the seizure of a cell to smuggle cars from border crossings in Basra to the provinces. The investigating judge said Ali Abdul Hadi said in a statement received / scales News / copy it, that "the control of the crossroads south of Najaf Ghammas arrested five people driving five large trucks loaded with containers." Abdul Hadi said that "each container carrying four modern cars but disjointed Unlike customs law," pointing out that "the number of cars reached 24, which is ready for action, while the documents remember that containers loaded with only backup tools." He stated that "the accused confessed that the cars have been entered through the port of Basra," while the detection of "tuning a car with three other complete Hoasi violation of the law." Investigating judge said that "the court has taken all investigative procedures and referred the accused to the customs court in Baghdad," .