Mohammed Allkash: Resolving the political crisis to disclose details of the agreement before the people of Arbil
Date: Monday 02/27/2012 14:03

Baghdad (news) .. According to a member bloc MP for the Citizen / National Alliance / Allkash Mohammed, that the solution to the political crisis disclose details of the agreement in front of Arbil, the Iraqi people.
He said Allkash in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Monday: If wanted the political blocs to get rid of the political crisis, it should disclose the details of the Convention on Erbil and what was agreed upon previously, explained that the success of the National Congress is expected to take place will display all the files before the everyone, whether that is agreed upon or not.
The MP for the National: The Convention on Arbil took place between the three parties (the rule of law, the Iraqi List, the Kurdistan Alliance), while the rest of the blocks do not know about anything, However Allkash: that the two papers from the leaves of the blocks that were raised during the preparatory committee for the conference demanded the implementation of the Convention Erbil .
The MP for the / block are patriots / by Alloizi likely upset the balance of the political process in the event of detection of the Convention Erbil because of the embarrassment of the leaders of the blocks. He said Alloizi in an earlier statement (the news): The items that occurred in Erbil and carried the "Convention on the Arbil" on them a lot of question marks, and that each of the parties signatory claims that it was completed and another denies this, saying: In the event has been detected from this Convention and contain of items they overturn the balance of the political process because of the embarrassment of the leaders of the blocks, as was clear when the threat of the Kurds on a variation on the oil and gas law has embarrassed the other. He called for patriots: to reveal the files of the Convention and to inform all the Iraqi people to see it implemented and what has not been implemented so far.