The fate of economic relations in the Iraq crisis - New Turkish

Twilight News / spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said that the economic ties between Baghdad and Ankara have not been affected by the crisis regarding the dispatch of Turkish troops to a training camp in the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq. Hindawi said, "The economic file between the Iraqi government, and its Turkish counterpart, was not affected by the current crisis, related to the presence of Turkish forces into Iraqi territory, and there are efforts from all parties to contain the crisis." He explained in a statement to the Anatolia seen by Twilight News, that "the crisis is not insurmountable, and all parties seek to contain it, so I came and Minister of Planning and meeting with the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad (yesterday)." But the bumper of the local council of the capital Baghdad reported that the sound of a majority in favor of the resolution for a boycott of Turkish products in protest against the Turkish intervention in Iraq. The source added that the local council also voted on a resolution to stop all projects undertaken by Turkish companies in Baghdad until the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory. The trade volume between the two sides about $ 12 billion a year, with more than half of the province of Kurdistan, mostly in the form of Turkish goods consumed in the local Iraqi markets. As hundreds of Turkish companies operating in different sectors in Iraq, including energy and construction. Earlier in the day, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu said he wanted to visit Baghdad as soon as possible in an attempt to calm the dispute over Turkish troops sent to Iraq to train Iraqi soldiers in fighting al Daash. Turkey says that the latest to send soldiers to northern Iraq, part of the training and equipping of Iraqi forces task. The Iraqi government says it never extend an invitation to such a force and they would refer the case to the United Nations if the Turkish troops did not withdraw.