Karbala lend money to the Ministry of Electricity 400 million dinars for the completion of transmission line for the gas station Karbala

It decided to Karbala Provincial Council, Tuesday, completing the carrier of soft goods line station project to Karbala gas station, from the funds of the province in the form of borrowing for the Ministry of Electricity, in order to get the province to 400 megawatts, of good works station. The deputy chairman of the Council, Ali al-Maliki, "The completion of this project, a line project carrier need to 400 million dinars, from accomplished, one of the Ministry of Electricity projects," explaining that "the ministry has completed 65% of the project and the rest of only 35%, which does not have the money to accomplish. " Maliki said, "Due to the urgent need of the province of Karbala for this project, the Council will demand from the province to grant 400 million dinars, in the form of a loan to the ministry on the amount that is given, to maintain the budget for a specific period." And between al-Maliki during the provincial council meeting, which was attended by agency Nun, news reporting, "The completion of this project will give the city of Karbala 22 hours equipped with electricity, through access to 400 MW of good works station added to the electric share amounting to 300 MW, for a total of 700 MW, This makes us get the 22-hour processing of electricity during the summer and in the peak times. "