Financial: lack of government accountability scruffy 8 trillion dinars as a collection

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December 8th, 2015 3:02 pm

Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee said Hussam retributive, the amount of non-oil revenues this year were four trillion dinars out of 12 trillion [difference 8 trillion dinars] lack serious Government control and accountability based on this topic.

Kumar said while the budget proposal presented to the late Ahmad Chalabi [former Finance Committee Chairman] before he dies two days later that we have a problem with non-oil revenues, which represents tax, fees, taxes, customs, and TRA wekartat mobile charging, fines, and there are wages, Chalabi then approved the idea. "

"He should know the revenues that come to guess or Federal Government planning, after the knowledge will hold the ministries and departments not associated with provincial Ministry and about the amount of levies", adding that "what is planned from 12 trillion to 14 trillion this number too large."

"It was communicated to the Ministry of finance did not write the revenue estimated but schematically, if these figures and ratios obtained correctly to 12 trillion", adding "we ask, as we ask the customs tariff revenues that have not been implemented at border crossings because Kurdistan had not implemented".

The penitentiary drew to the collection during the year did not exceed 4 trillion financial Iraq, while planned from 12 to 14 trillion, and here the question either the Ministry of Finance of takhta and delude ourselves with these numbers, or they are stolen or there wasn't a real collection and the third opinion was nominated by the ministries and the Government is not serious in the follow-up, monitoring and accounting on this subject planned correctly while actually levied on up to 4 trillions. "
He noted that "the latter addition in 2015 to increase prices of printed circuit board connections, and the Internet at the rate of 20% is assumed to return revenue to the Federal Government."

He said the punitive "as we discovered there is supposed to be a tax on companies licensing rounds, 2 to 3 billion dollars and this large number requires accurate accounting and obtaining".

It was punitive, said in a statement Wednesday that "the non-oil imports have been reduced [in the budget next year 2016], estimated at 14 trillion dinars, now estimated at 12 trillion dinars, and the reason is because this income calculated for something and what authorisation and collect anything else."

Kumar demanded the Federal Government "should focus on obtaining and collecting money for the federal Treasury as planned in the budget," pointing out that "there are recommendations by the Finance Committee to impose sanctions on those concerned with the collection, which States under budget law, where stresses commitment to tax departments and especially the wages of electricity and water."

The House was completed in its last month's debate on the federal budget bill for the year 2016, he held cabinet last week shuffled it to reduce its deficit, estimated at 22.7 trillion dinars, equivalent to 21% of total expenditures versus expenses of 106 trillion dinars.

Said the parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda El-Tamimi, amending budget reduced government expenditure in total five trillion dinars to be 101 trillion dinars.

And Tamimi said the size of the deficit in the new budget reduction [101 trillion dinars] with the same import [84 trillion dinars] fall to 17 trillion dinars and constitute 16.2% of the total budget.