Iran's Revolutionary Guards invades Iraq

December 8, 2015 in the media center,

Russian roulette - Iranian in Iraq, is facing the most serious critical Mnattvadtha day after the arrival of Iranian military involvement terrorist in Syria dangerous curves, Iranians bleed strongly in Petah Sham, and suffer from human losses and material awesome them lose 50 senior generals in the Revolutionary Guards, did not escape even the commander «Qods» Revolutionary Guards Qassem Soleimani, who filled it with a mythic aura of capacity Syrians from the painful blows that have made the Iranian regime and crying in pain and hard days they did not know the Iraqi - Iranian war for 25 years from the time before.

Iranian regime that intervention in Syria in support of the deadly terrorist regime and to ensure the interests of strategic line and bio-scope extends from Afghanistan and even Beirut through Baghdad and Damascus, the capitals of the Islamic caliphate, would have imagined that the intervention just a passing outing based on the Revolutionary Guards experience in the suppression of radiation revolution in the Iranian street 2009 , but he woke up to the shock of major losses that bleed and still Anzvha in Syrian territory is and its allies from Iraq and Lebanon, sectarian gangs, the losses will not stop the Adme Iranian noses only, but will extend to that crush the Iranian regime found that did not speed up the withdrawal and leaving Syria for the Syrians!

I've turned into a murder case, the Iranians and hunted down in the Levant popular Syrian sacred project go down in history in its consequences and repercussions, the battle going on in the ancient Near East, and the Iranian regime expects it Stdk forts in Iranian territory, so he is very careful to build the first line of defense and the latter from the frontier to strengthen its presence Central in Iraq and turned turn to menial Iranian dominated by hyenas, which grew long in the Iran-hugging, Aftaqm the Iraqi Interior Ministry, for example, an Iranian crew par excellence, as well as with the Ministry of Transport, and with many sectors have become hostage to the Iranian ascendancy absolute, and with the entry of the Shiite crowd Foundation developed domination crossed Bkiedadtha known consisting of triple terrorist Hadi al-Amiri, Abu Mahdi Mohandes and Qais al-Khazali Advanced Iranian power station in the Iraqi rear, as we might call the first genetic seeds Foundation Iraqi Revolutionary Guards that covet Iranian Shiite parties by announcing officially!

A serious development in the past few days represent invade a sudden hundreds of thousands of Iranian pilgrims to the Iraqi border and entering the country without identity papers and in a manner savagery unprecedented represent a real collapse of Iraqi sovereignty, even nominally has happened, not the Iraqi government could not prevent what happened, but the attributes of involvement is clear and beyond a reasonable doubt all of this is happening with the US declared the advent of the modern American special forces to intervene in Iraq and the Levant battles against state regulation, which was considered by Iran militias in Iraq, along with the President of the Government itself Haider Abadi, a red line !.

As expressed «Badr» gangs and «Alasaib» Brigades «Hezbollah» for targeted US troops that entered Iraq, and that means the transfer of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards fighting the Iraqi depth through agents of the people of the Shiite parties and militias terrorist, and with the entry of hundreds of thousands of Iranian youth coach Iraq under the pretext of performance decrees Visit the forty seems clear that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has introduced thousands of components and elements «Basij» or fill vulnerable to Iraq to fight future battles.

Iraq today turned settlement failed, and the killing and fighting for the Iranians, and scenarios for the coming days of bearing elements and images Iranian chaos deadly thing a lot. Iraq in the abyss of chaos and battles may extend the depth of the adjacent Gulf, Iran is prescribed to live moments of decisiveness and challenge the muezzin collapse with God's help ... the Iranians in the trap and they have made the people of Iraq for the bloody hostage ambitions. Sicherbon cups cm defeat certainly strongly. Iran's Revolutionary Guard is the day in the Battle of undeclared, clear and explicit for Iraq and the shameful complicity of leaders losers, it's the Iraqi ordeal has produced the worst results of the patient.