Economist: the terms of the Federal Ministry of Industry competition importer unrealistic

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Description economist contrary goldsmith words of the Ministry of Industry on their products to compete with imported items (b unrealistic), indicating that the industry in a federal Iraq needs a big stages to meet the local need.

The jeweler said: that most of the ministers and officials who ran the Ministry of Industry did not mind the development of reality and advancement but contented themselves with appointing the largest number of workers without a product recall, noting that the "slack reflected negatively on the prices of the few goods produced and quality of a battery of Babylon, which cost the state three million dinars, while sold abroad for less than 70 thousand dinars.
He pointed out that the words of Minister of Industry on his ministry's ability to compete with the imported product condition of lifting the value of the dollar and the application of the customs tariff is not realistic, because the tariffs constitute only 15% of the value of goods, and are not confined to industry problems in these two conditions.