Kurdistan Alliance: Visit the Gulf region's president made gains economic and military and political
December 8, 2015

BAGHDAD - A fraternity News

MP confirmed for the Kurdistan Alliance Shirin Dino, Monday to tour the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the Gulf represents the achievement and success great province of Kurdistan and a federal Iraq in general, as pointed out that the tour has made very significant gains in all economic, military and political aspects and solidarity with the region in its war waged by forces Peshmerga against the terrorist organization Daash longer in front stretching for more than a thousand kilometers.

She said Shirin in a statement to its press office received (fraternity News) a copy of it, that President Barzani I keep as president and leader echoed round the international and regional weight, pointing out that the great interest and received by kings, princes and officials of these countries shows without doubt that safety valve is not for Iraq and the region but also for the region and the Middle East in general.

The agency said the most important results achieved is understanding military and logistical cooperation in the fight against Daash terrorist under the victories achieved by the Peshmerga forces in the liberation of the areas that were under the control of this organization, indicating that there are other positive results have been achieved in the economic and industrial cooperation in the field of investment and trade exchange between the two sides .

She said Shirin tour President also led to positive results in the political side and diplomatic representation, pointing out that the coming period will witness the opening of the Saudi consulate in the Kurdistan Region.