Financial compensation residential land of the martyrs and the wounded
December 8, 2015

Distributed Wasit province amounts exceeded six billion dinars between the families of the martyrs and the wounded, while the government and the parliament called for a review of paragraphs 2016 budget year.

Announced that the "morning" head of the Finance Committee in the provincial council Alaa Alhajm, pointing out that the size of the amounts distributed by the Council among the killed and wounded in the security forces and the popular crowd and families during the past two years has reached six billion and 780 million dinars.

She added that the amounts divided by three billion and 180 million dinars between 795 family of martyrs of security forces from the army and police forces and the popular crowd, and three billion and 600 million dinars between 1800 wounded during liberate the land of gangs "Daash" terrorist battles, noting that the amounts distributed come Within border revenues arena in Zurbatiyah port east of the province.

And it showed Alhajm that the council decided to allocate the amount of four million dinars and a piece of land housing for each martyr's family and two million dinars for each injured occurred during Honor battles and the defense of the homeland and the holy places against "Daash" gangs of satisfaction, noting that continuous Council distributes grants and financial aid among families needy and the sick who are in need and to conduct surgical operations inside and outside the treatment.

In the meantime, the governor of Wasit owner Saidi "morning" said that the province formally objected to the paragraphs of the budget year 2016 the government and the Finance Committee and demanded in Parliament need to be reformulated so as to ensure justice spending, distribution and wealth-sharing, noting that the budget did not meet the factions of the popular crowd Requirements including salaries, armament and other equipment, as large numbers of employees of the crowd had not received their salaries for several months due to the financial crisis.

He added that there is a significant unfair in the budget of next year against the oil-producing provinces, including Wasit, which includes the fields of Ahdab and Badra oilfields which their production of crude exceeded 185 000 barrels per day divided by 140 000 barrels per day in the Ahdab field and 45 000 barrels per day in the Badra field, as well as possession fields of oil discovered and undiscovered, noting that the province demanding the amounts of petrodollars and the rest of the financial allocations within the budget year 2015 that have been approved and ratified within regional development projects allocations and the petro-dollar amounting to 220 billion dinars, divided by 125 billion dinars within the regional development budget and 95 billion dinars within the petro-dollar amounts.

Saidi pointed out that the province addressed the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers the need for allocation of funds for the petro-dollar oil-producing provinces to manage its own affairs, after the launch was delayed a full year's budget amounts in 2015, noting that what arrived to maintain the allocations do not meet the ambition.

For his part, Chairman of the reconstruction in the Council expected Nomani renewed his call to the Ministry of Finance to accelerate regardless amounts of petrodollars, noting that Wasit only 25 billion dinars had not received them over the past years, while maintaining Mstdanh companies in amounts of approximately 200 billion dinars.

He described Nomani "morning" paragraph allocation of two dollars for every barrel of oil-producing provinces as "unrealistic" and difficult to implement, due to determine the price of a barrel of oil to 45 dollars, so it was determined to be the minimum in order to avoid to face any extra deficit.

Al Sabaah 2015