Presidency of the Republic Accounts: Vice President Nuri al-Maliki to Iran, the expenses of three billion dinars!
Date: Tuesday 08/12/2015 13:43

A source in the Department of Finance reported to the Presidency of the Republic, the Vice President of the Republic asked the Department of Finance to conduct a three billion Iraqi dinars under the pretext of treatment expenses within the Republic of Iran.

The source, who did not want to disclose his identity in a statement singled out our website on Tuesday: that Maliki Although relieved of his post a sovereign decision, but that he had asked the amount of three billion dinars claims he used to handle himself during his tenure as vice president.
He announced Nuri al-Maliki's office, the latter went to the Iranian capital Tehran to visit therapeutic, will continue for several days.
"The Last visit to Nuri al-Maliki to Iran was in August (last August), where he met with Iranian officials and discussed with them the latest security and political developments in Iraq and the regionů