Deputies from Basra demanding the implementation of the five petrodollar to the province
December 8 2015

MP for the province of Basra, Salim Chawki, said the claim in the amount of five dollars for every barrel of oil is illegal and unconstitutional and must be passed in the public financial budget for Iraq.

He said Shawki, network Roudao media "gathered 25 MPs from the province of Basra in order to meet the Prime Minister to raise the demands of the people of Basra and the most important application of 5 petrodollar in the 2016 budget."

Shawky said that "the law of 5 percent from the 2016 budget to the provinces contrary to the Constitution and we do not accept it and will not vote on the budget law, and the prime minister should listen to the demands of the people of Basra and approval of the $ 5 Petro".

Shawki added that "Iraq's economy depends heavily on the province of Basra, while she is marginalized from all sides, but will not accept this, and the Iraqi government pay more attention to maintain."

He went Attorney "in the event of non-implementation of the demands of the people of Basra from the government, probably will take the people of Basra other ways to it," he said, adding that "there is no solution in front of the Iraqi government only meet the demands of the people of Basra."

The deputies province of Basra, threatened Sunday December 20 156, to suspend the membership of the House of Representatives in the event of failure to achieve their demands in next year's budget to do justice to their wallets, stressing that Basra maturity of five dollars and not Petro (5%).