Maliki: Iraq's unity is at stake and the efforts of the division returned features in Anbar and Mosul

Tuesday 08-12-2015 | 5:29:16

Twilight News / confirmed by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Monday rejected the presence of foreign troops on the ground in Iraq, saying that the country's unity "on the line".

He said during a meeting with representatives of a number of popular sports teams in Baghdad, according to a statement of the Twilight News reported that "the important role of youth in nation-building and what Iraq is going through today requires everyone to stand united against evil projects aimed at the country's unity."

He told the audience, "You pay attention to what is being plotted on Iraq and its people from the schemes and projects conspiratorial suspicious aimed at aborting the political process, noting that these projects behind it states known for their hostility to the new Iraq, and those countries supported internally of the Baath remnants of the buried and terrorists of extremist and sectarian organizations."

He warned of "efforts to divide Iraq, which returned her features again through the presence of foreign forces in Anbar and Mosul," and expressed his rejection to "the entry of foreign troops to the country because it is a violation of the sovereignty, unity," asserting that "politicians Turks is honest in their positions on the counter-terrorist operation".

He called the vice president "of all political forces to unite to face the dangers facing Iraq, and continued today become the sovereignty and unity of Iraq is at stake and everyone should stand serious pause about this," explaining that "we believe the difference but you should not disagree about the country's sovereignty and security because it is a red line. "