The Ministry of Culture sets the date of the International Festival tow


Union: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Antiquities, on Monday, the end of the month as the date for the start of the activities of the International Festival tow.
The ministry said in a statement that the minister Faryad Roandzi terrace in his office at the ministry meeting of the Higher Committee for the annual Festival tow XII, the writer Rushdie factor cycle.
The statement added that Roandzi the face of the need to be this year's festival, which is held under difficult financial conditions plaguing the country, distinct and creative, and that the invitations to the Iraqis of all generations, especially the young energies, and that the standard invitations is artistic and creative factor only. The statement continued that the minister called for concerted efforts for the success of the International Festival of tow: the local government in Basra and Basra Governorate Council and the Union of Writers, and as befits Balodaba Iraqis and Basra Fayhaa. The statement said that the Higher Committee of the festival passed at its meeting to be held on Thursday 31/12 as the date for the launch of Falian tow Festival twelfth edition (factor Rushdie cycle). The statement added that the committee directed that the festival be Mtkona of poetry sessions, morning, evening and other cash. And that permeate the festival art events and exhibitions plastic.