Local source reveals landing riot near the Turkish Embassy to protect them from the militias (details)

08-12-2015 05:00 PM

Detection of a local source, for landing riot police near the Turkish embassy in northern Baghdad's Waziriya area to protect it, after the threat of militias to strike Turkish interests if it does not withdraw its troops, which entered into northern Iraq, noting that the troops closed the access roads leading to the embassy of the tight security measures in the region .

The source said, "The anti-riot forces to disembark near the Turkish Embassy in the Waziriya area north of the capital Baghdad, in a move to protect the embassy after the threat of militia targeting Turkish interests in case Turkey did not withdraw its troops from northern Iraq."

The source, who preferred not to be named, said: "Riot proceeded to cut off access roads leading to the embassy of the tight and precise inspection entrants to the region where there are procedures for the embassy."

He explained that "it was to inform parents remove their cars from their homes near the embassy in implementation of the plan protect the embassy, ​​causing grumbling parents who demanded the lifting of barbed wire set by the riot in their areas."