Parliamentary Finance: we have reduced expenses and non-oil imports in the budget of 2016

Announced the parliamentary finance committee, for a day on Monday, the reduction of expenditures and non-oil imports in the budget of 2016, and noted that the increase in wages Kartat mobile and internet the new customs tariff will not have an impact in the plug, while economists stressed that the government's attempt to bridge the budget deficit next year through internal and external loans and raise taxes do not compensate for the value of only 5% of the amount of the deficit. "
A member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Hossam punitive, reduction of the Commission's total expenditures and non-oil imports in the federal budget for the 2016 law, and among that cover the budget deficit comes through internal and external loans and selling bonds, he pointed out that the increase in wages Kartat mobile and internet the new customs tariff It will not have an impact in the plug.
He said punitive in a statement, received the "long" version of it, that "after working in the Finance Committee to study the budget with all its material and its provisions, especially the last amendment, which came from the Council of Ministers, the amendments included reducing expenses overall by one trillion dinars, as it was 106 and is now 105 trillion dinars of the total expenditure. "
Punitive and added that "the deficit coverage comes through internal and external loans and selling bonds, initially written as a blueprint for these loans, and on the ground is compacted expenses, and therefore does not send as planned in the budget," noting that "the real deficit Say, as happened in the budget of 2015, as the deficit was planned 25 trillion, but the actual deficit has been repaid by the banks internal Kpenneka Rafidain and Rasheed. "
Punitive and continued that "the non-oil imports have been reduced, as it was estimated with 14 trillion dinars, and is now estimated at 12 trillion dinars, and the reason goes back to its calculated level of revenues this thing and what Asthsal levied and nothing else."
And he demanded punitive federal government to "interest in procuring and collecting the money the federal treasury as planned in the budget, there are recommendations by the Finance Committee to impose sanctions on those concerned Paljbaah, and that is reminiscent within the budget law, which confirms the departments commitment Paljbaah especially electricity and water fees."
Punitive and stated that "the revenue increase Kartat mobile companies and Internet networks wages and working tariff of new and some other wages, will not have a clear impact in closing the budget deficit, due to raise prices after the month of August, and will not be a clear difference on the budget only after a period."
He announced the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, Sunday (6 December 2015), the Commission hosted a number of agents from the ministries of the federal government allocated to them to discuss the draft budget for fiscal 2016 Act financial budgets.
In turn, the economic expert, Abbas Ibrahim Bahadli said in an interview for the "long" that "the 2016 budget deficit is too big and the government plans to borrow the internal and external useless because it does not clog In total only 5% of the value of the deficit."
"The only way to reduce the budget deficit by cutting the uncle of luxury and non-essential expenses, which cost billions, including the maintenance and fuel for thousands of cars owned by the government expenses in addition to recreational deputations representing Baba important for wasting millions of dollars from the budget."
Bahadli said that "internal tax increase wages Rtat, Internet and electricity taxes and water without an economic plan to rotate the Court that money makes the government in a spiral of deflation and the lack of cash liquidity, which lies in a specific target to meet its annual budget deficit."
He said the "previous government wasted billions of dollars in oil imports randomly without prior planning takes into account the increase in the annual deficit for the coming years and that political rentier state that depend on the sale of oil and the distribution of financial imports are lagging adoption."
He noted that "activating the laws against Mokhtlsa public money would bring billions of dinars, which were stolen during the previous years in various ways to fill a large part of the government deficit."
He revealed the members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, received the Parliament for government amendments to the draft 2016 budget, Marjaheen mid-month approval.
He described the House of Representatives amendments as "minor", saying they did not provide only a trillion dinars, noting that it reduced its investment budget for the benefit of public spending.
According to deputies, the International Monetary Fund agreed to grant Iraq $ 1.2 billion in soft loans simple benefits to plug the fiscal deficit in the coming budget.
MP says Ahmed Hama Rasheed, Rapporteur of the Finance Committee in a statement (term) that his committee "the process of hosting all the ministries, and will end during the next three days, in order to inform them of the most prominent changes that will occur on the Budget Law for the year 2016".
He said Hama Rashid, that "the Finance Committee will present the general budget law to a vote in the House of Representatives middle of this month, after deducting all the points and observations to be adjusted," asserting that "Alastdavat Committee will enable to make some transfers in the chapters of the budget, which requires discussed with all state institutions."
And confirms the decision of the Finance Committee, "the arrival of government amendments to the budget to Parliament a draft," noting that "the budget amounted to 105 trillion dinars and an estimated deficit of 24 trillion dinars, and revenues expected 81 trillion size
Dinars. " 8%AA