Deputy: 13 billion dollar trade volume with Turkey
December 8, 2015 8 0


He said the National Alliance mp Haider, the heart, the trade volume with Turkey amounts to $ 13 billion, and traders have vowed to boycott it.

The heart, he said in a statement "our economy", "politicians and the Iraqi people to move a large campaign against the Turkish attacks had abused and damaged by Iraq", adding that "Iraqi armed factions would hit Turkish interests in Iraq and everywhere."

He noted, that "Iraq is an ideal market for trade, so that the volume of economic exchange is $ 13 billion, and this must be the Government's pressure on Turkey diplomatically, and to move towards the United Nations and Turkish excesses as installed impinges on the sovereignty of Iraq," pointing out that "he got pledges from among adult merchants to boycott these products."

The heart said, "not the Turks alone hurts to Iraq but also to America, where the great Turkish rags must be justified to review Iraq security agreement with America, opening a new agreement with Russia."

Relations between Iraq and Turkey are currently tense after Turkish forces armored Thursday to spend by Mistress on the outskirts of Mosul "without the knowledge" of the Iraqi Government since the latter summoned to withdraw these troops immediately salinity complaint when the UN Security Council, or even resort to military option.

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, in today's air force to be ready to defend Iraq and protect its sovereignty.

The leadership of the National Alliance, at its meeting yesterday, Abadi to address management of Turkish aggression on Iraqi territories in accordance with his constitutional prerogatives, legal.