Daash Mosul isolated from the outside world final

2015-12-08 11:46:19

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad - morning

In a move aimed to isolate the population of the city from the outside world fully informed "Daash" The people of Mosul and traders have made the judge to prevent the purchase and import of Satellite devices completely, and cut off the Internet connection lines for all the offices, threatened the strongest sanctions violators.
A military source explained that Aldoaash Mosul ordered traders not to import and sale of Satellite devices and prevented the sale of the remaining stores in these devices, indicating that they confiscated the remaining ones.

Brigadier Thanon Sabawi said that "the obscurantists parents demanded the lifting of collectors and saucers from their homes", vowing offenders to "imprisonment and skin as well as pay a fine of ten million dinars."
Sabawi interpreted these actions which he described as "arbitrary" as to prevent the population of the besieged city to see the big losses and defeats suffered by the reprehensible "Aldoaash" on all fronts, stressing that the liberalization of Mosul near Takfiris lose their senses.
In a related context, the oldest "terrorists Daash" on the Internet lines cut entirely from the city and its outskirts and prevented from communicating with any party or access to any truth refute their lies.
For his part, criticized the teaching Walid Adel abuse "terrorists" who will return to the times of Mosul barbaric backwardness their actions, noting they are trying to isolate Bajraathm Mosul and its people and prevent them from knowing what is going on in Iraq and the readiness of his troops to liberate the city.
While necessity is the mother Khalilzad called on the federal government to begin editing the city process in the fastest time, stressing that the people of the city will help the bond forces Alomnah.ualllt Um Khalil survival in the city despite all the adversity and the risks and difficulties that beset them to be adopted mainly online to check on their children who fled with their families to the capital, indicating that their survival in Mosul is to keep the family residence, which represents all enjoyed it.
As explained Haj (Abu Abd al-Qadir that "Daash" practiced various kinds of styles of oppression, injustice and stop the wheel of progress and civilization in the city of Mosul since her rape at the hands of "terrorists," the beginning of the month of June where transformed galleries theaters in the city of Mosul to the courtrooms and the execution and banned all technical activities , while replaced the curriculum established in the Ministry of Education and another, urges that "terrorism" and murder and violence, also banned all cultural manifestations and closed clubs, entertainment venues and tourist areas, and destroyed holy shrines and shrines, statues and monuments that chronicle the city of Mosul ancient.
He continued, also narrowed those gangs personal freedoms arbitrary ways, including tightening the closure of shops women's razor and interference in the work of hairdressers and prevent shaving beards and shave a number of cuts and skin barbers offenders in front of passers-by, were also closed bakeries under false pretenses, and blocked the work of men in shops selling women's accessories and women's work in shops frequented by men, and ordered all imams speeches issued by the so-called (Pfgahaihm and fatwas) and took control of the destiny of things all over the city.