Governor of Baghdad: opens the largest cultural complex in the presence of my people and cultural

16:42:31 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad /
Inaugurated governor of Baghdad, Ali Mohsen al-Tamimi cultural complex in the Yarmouk district, the complex consists of rooms and other Read to set up exhibitions and cultural events and lectures, libraries, theaters Offers for children. "
The governor said during the opening ceremony which was attended by head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Dr. Riad dentex and a number of members of the Board and deputy governor of Baghdad and a group of intellectuals and sliced Baghdadi society In a statement MEMRI Information Office today, "that Baghdad is witnessing the opening of this outstanding architectural monument, which carries with it the culture Messages and knowledge of public intellectuals and segments of society and all of them specialists, which coincided with the opening week of the libraries of the world, pointing out that the province was her insistence on the completion of this edifice, despite all the obstacles that we face and the lack of financial allocations and the poverty of the budget. "
Tamimi said, "The project is the demolition and re-designed, and implemented on an area of (4 acres) and is composed of an administrative department consists of rooms and halls and shows plastic arts, exhibitions of books and paintings sham hall access to the Internet and multi-purpose hall and the hall of the activities of the children and three halls for cultural lectures, as well as it contains events and conferences on the cultural hall can accommodate up to 1,000 people with a cafeteria and health workers for each floor and two rooms for management. "
Information Office of the Governor of Baghdad

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