Parliamentary oil: Iraq universally regarded as the third source of oil a positive sign

Said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Hussein Awad to Iraq for the third in the world as a source of oil, and the fourth in production positive indicator to improve the country's economy. He said Awwad told {Euphrates News}, that "the oil ministry relentless pursuit to increase the country's output, and plug winning in the budget, being one of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC members {} ". He said committee member of the parliamentary oil that Iraq to third place in the oil-producing countries worldwide, and the third in the producing state achievement is calculated for the oil ministry, calling on them to make more efforts to develop production and increase oil imports.
This organization expects OPEC} {increase in global oil demand through 2016, with high oil pumping by non-members of the organization by about 700 thousand barrels per day.