Iraqi al-Mutlaq calls to raise the case of the requirements of National Conference

Sunday, February 26, 2012 14:27

{Baghdad, Euphrates News} called on Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq al-Iraqiya to raise the case of the terms of the National Congress, calling simultaneously all the nationalist forces and the political blocs to unite and rise above the problems and differences and the importance of taking a unified position generally terrorism and put the interests of Iraq and the Iraqi people above all issues and considerations.

A statement from the agency received Mutlaq Euphrates {News} a copy of it on Sunday that he "stressed the importance of the participation of all political forces in the security file to stand firm against terrorism and not to give opportunity to those who want to harm Iraq and its people great."

He called al-Mutlaq in the statement "the members of the Iraqi List, lifting his case from the agenda of the upcoming National Congress in order to make it successful."

And on a conference of the Arab summit in Iraq, explained that "it is important to create all the means and ways for the success of the conference and go out with positive results reinforce the national front and seize this opportunity to harmony political and purification of the atmosphere, they returned back diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and the designation of the Kingdom as an ambassador is not a resident in Iraq, a positive step ".

He stressed that "as long as called to the importance of the return of Iraq to the Arab and Islamic state, denying press reports suggest that objector to improve relations with the Arab brothers, calling some of the media to the accuracy of information transfer and stop provoking convulsive attitudes.

Mutlaq as Dan "the recent terrorist acts, which affected a number of areas of the capital Baghdad and the provinces."

"I offer condolences to the families of martyrs who were killed as a result of terrorist bombings comfort the families of the martyrs of the armed forces who have sacrificed their blood in order to provide security and stability for the Iraqi people" and called on the Ministry of Health to provide supplies to treat the wounded and injured. "/ End m