Shiite parties calling for the bombing of al-Abadi Turkish troops in Mosul

07 December 2015

The most important spokesman for the coalition, site of the former Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, head of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, to facilitate what he called "Turkish invasion" of the conductor, at the time called for a leading role in the coalition bombing of the Turkish troops near Mosul.
The site said the omens for the owners: "Turkish troops that entered Iraq is not a liberated gas and aimed to help Barzani to capture as much of the territory and annex it to the Kurdistan region, as it has done before in the Sinjar area."
He spoke the site of what he said he was "planned" which is currently being implemented aimed at splitting the connector between Turkey, which will impose its influence there; and Barzani, according to the alleged site that accused Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to work from the beginning to drop Mosul as "a conspiracy" with some of the parties "and even it came to the invasion of Iraq officially a Turkish force of more than 1,100 troops and 12 tanks and 25 armored vehicles, "he said.
Site He said Iraq will not keep anything from him after the control of Turkey on the connector, and America Anbar, and Barzani on the Sinjar area, at a time is reduced financial budget for the popular crowd and besieged politically, according to the word location that did not refer to the role of Iran's interference in Iraq.
For his part, called on the leadership of the coalition of al-Maliki, Hassan Sinead, the Iraqi government and people to move to stop what he called "the Turkish invasion," and expressed regret for the reaction of the subject, which he said he was characterized by sterility, not consistent with the gravity of the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by force, according to the saying .
He called Sinead, in a statement received "Arabic 21" a copy of it; the Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad and informed message should be the withdrawal of his country's troops immediately and without procrastination, and talked about the need to lift the immediate complaint to the Security Council against Turkey "for its failure to respect international laws and Akhalalha international principles of coexistence" , according to the statement.
Sinead also called on the Iraqi parliament to hold an emergency session to discuss what he described as "Turkish invasion", and work to take the position from him.
In addition, leading in the popular crowd threatened to confront Almtoglp Turkish troops in Iraq and response in the event of failed Iraqi Ministry of Defense to do its "duty about this threat."
He said Sam hamate told the "Arabic 21"; The factions of the popular crowd have the necessary force "to deal with the Turkish invading forces and the expulsion of Iraqi territory in the event of the failure of the workers leaders in the Ministry of Defense to do their duty towards this serious violation," according to the saying.
Hamate stated that it was announced on the state of maximum alert and preparedness in the ranks of the crowd forces in preparation for the issuance of orders them to move toward the face of Turkish troops.
In this context, revealed the leadership of the ruling Shiite alliance in Iraq, of quitting, from making a formal request to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, for the purpose of instructing the Iraqi air force in order to hit those forces and mind occupying forces, he said.
The Abadi office may occur in the earlier entry of enhanced Turkish troops armored vehicles and tanks to the Nineveh province and demanded the immediate withdrawal and respect for relations between the two countries, while Turkey denied that it had sent new troops, noting that it has a force of 150 soldiers a year ago; to train Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Bashiqa area near Mosul, and that what happened recently is to replace these forces of new elements in the framework of a routine switch.