Obeidi Turkish counterpart: the size of your troops beyond the requirements of the protection of the crowd Camp

Confirmed the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, on Sunday, she told Turkish counterpart, refusing to enter troops to Iraq and regarded as a "violation" of national sovereignty and "violation" of the rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness, and demanded to withdraw its forces in order to preserve the historical relations between the two countries and the two peoples.
And it justified the Turkish Ministry of Defense forces incursion into Iraqi territory that aims to protect the Turks inside the camp trainers (Zlcan), and denied the existence of any "ambitions" her Iraqi land. The official spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, in a statement, I followed the (long-Presse), said that in "light of regional and international conditions extremely forestry and complexity, threw repercussions on the scene International general and regional relations in particular, at a time when the Iraqi armed forces have been fighting a valiant against totals for terrorism and extremism Aldaasha forward-looking and with the Iraqi people struggling because enjoys the support and backing and support from all international forces at the top of the regional neighboring countries, make sure we have the entry made up of infantry and some armored vehicles forces Turkish force the evening of Thursday, the third of December the current 2015, to inside the Iraqi border into the city of Mosul ".
Naseer Nouri added that "the defense minister, Khalid al-Obeidi, held intensive contacts with various international, regional and national relevant authorities, to deal with the repercussions arising from that position to work", adding that "Turkish Defense Minister telephoned at length with Iraqi Defense Minister, during which Find ways to address the situation between the two countries. "
He Nuri saying that "the Iraqi defense minister said Turkish counterpart, that the entry of his troops inside Iraq in this way is a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a violation of the rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness between the two countries, especially that it was made without coordination with the Iraqi government, or inform them in advance," he "The al-Obeidi, a request from the Turkish government to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory, and to maintain the principles of good neighborliness and historical relations between the Iraqi and Turkish peoples." A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said that "Turkish Defense Minister justified, during a call, enter the Turkish force into Iraq, that aims to secure coaches Turks inside the camp Zlcan, the user to train the popular crowd in Nineveh, especially since the region is witnessing threats by terrorist groups Daash for this camp "pointing out that" the Turkish minister stressed that his country has no ambitions in Iraqi territory. " Naseer Nouri said that "al-Obeidi said Turkish counterpart, that the size of entering Iraq force exceeds the requirements of the protection of the camp process, and that, in any case and whatever the size of the entering force, it is unacceptable, especially since he has not been with the knowledge of the Iraqi government and coordination with them, and he can an action such as this format in advance and without the need to create conditions contribute to aggravating the situation between the two countries, "Msttrda that" Turkey's defense minister promised to address the situation in a positive way and to inform the Iraqi government practical steps for that. "
Nuri said that "Iraqi Defense Minister stressed at the conclusion of the telephone call with his Turkish counterpart on the need for Turkey to take the initiative by the positive in line with the rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness and the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory."
He revealed a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence that "the Turkish minister asked his Iraqi counterpart meet the call against him that have been identified in advance to visit Ankara, where al-Obeidi, the promise of meeting them, the expectation that the visit contribute to solving the problem between the two countries radically and mode of operation that ensure there is no repeat in the future mechanisms , as the two ministers on the continuation of communication between them to deal with the repercussions of the situation agreed. "
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