Trade went to support the national product


The Minister of Trade Agency Mohammed Xiaa Sudan, on Sunday, public companies associated with its import abide by the decision of government to support the national product in relation to vocabulary ration card, revealing the calls for industrial sectors and laboratories Iraqi formal contracts for the processing of the ration card items, as called for the development of industries Alaracah.
Said Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese in a statement received (range Press), a copy of which, "The decision has been issued by the Council of Ministers support the national product and to require the Commerce Department to deal with the national industries in contracts regarding ration cards and the work of other companies that are linked to its industrial and commercial Baltabaan".
He said the Sudanese, that "the face of the associated work importation of public companies, dealing in accordance with the data the government resolution, which needed the support of the national product especially those related to the vocabulary of the ration card such as sugar, wheat, cooking oil and rice," noting that "Referrals will be directed to the industrial sectors and the Iraqi laboratories for the purpose of discussion and dialogue to make contracts The ministry official for the processing of vocabulary that are suitable for distribution within the ration card. "