Organization calls for Ban Ki-moon to use his authority to close the file of the debt with Kuwait and view the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII of the Arab summit

Sunday, February 26, 2012 18:40

{Najaf: News Euphrates} called human rights organization of the Arab League and the kings and leaders and heads of Arab countries participating in the Summit to be held the end of next March in Baghdad to include a file to remove Iraq from Chapter VII on the agenda of the summit.

The Secretary General of the strategic center for human rights in Iraq, human rights activist Fadel Gharrawi told {Euphrates News} today that "this file is still more files that affect the rights of Iraqi citizens and contribute to the promotion of violations directed against their direct impact on one of the most important rights to him and of economic rights guaranteed him under the Constitution and international conventions and treaties, particularly with regard to the level of the poverty line and lack of employment opportunities, unemployment and the inability of large Iraq dispose of his money freely, which reduces the chances of prosperity and welfare of the Iraqi people. "

Gharrawi said that "the day of the Summit is invited to take a humanitarian pause to the Iraqi people and make recommendations through Congress to activate the special procedures remove Iraq from Chapter VII."

"The international community today must stand and a humanitarian pause and realistic about the rights of the Iraqi people."

It is scheduled to hold an Arab summit in Baghdad late next month amid continuing differences between the political blocs on some files and that he wanted some political leaders resolved in the previous period through the collection of the political parties to the table of dialogue under the title of the National Congress, which was changed to the national meeting and then to the national meeting that he is so far not been such a meeting.

He called Gharrawi Secretary General of the United Nations {Ban} to "use his authority to close the file missing and debt has become more files that affect the sovereignty of Iraq, which is treated through from the viewpoint of non-humanitarian cast a shadow fearful and suspicious about the rights of the people all." end