Jubouri: We will declare "Our position from the Turkish military presence" later "!!
Dated: December 6, 2015

Baghdad / Iraq News Network announced Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Sunday, he will meet with Foreign Affairs Committee and the Committee of the Parliamentary Security and Defense in order to get out a formal position on the entry of Turkish troops to Alarac.oukal Jubouri in a press statement today: "We are going to meet today, Foreign Committees, security and defense in the House of Representatives, to discuss the entry of Turkish troops to Iraq. "He added that" the meeting would take into account the full timing of visits to foreign officials as well as to review the topics relevant to the subject, and on Grarha be issued an official position of Parliament on it. " The Government confirmed yesterday, the entry of Turkish troops to the province of Nineveh, without the request or authorization from the federal authorities, while Turkey has called for respect for good neighborly relations and to withdraw immediately from the occupied Alaracah.sv source for "tomorrow Press", earlier in the day, on the strength of Turkish troops which entered Iraq, saying that she is made up of 20 tanks and 20 armored personnel carriers to the soldiers, in addition to the thousand Jenda.okan spokesman for the National crowd Mahmoud Alsurja has confirmed for "tomorrow Press", on Friday, the entry of Turkish troops to Iraq at Camp Zhelkan east of Mosul, while noting They provided the quantities of weapons and ammunition and fighters of the national mechanisms for the crowd for the Liberation of Nineveh.

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