Muthanna Police confirm secure the southern desert of "security breaches"

2015-12-06 23:35:47

| (Voice of Iraq) - Al-Muthanna

Police said the leadership of Al-Muthanna, on Sunday, secure the southern desert region in Samawa (250 km south-west of Baghdad) in full, while suggesting to the adoption of the deployment of security forces and cooperation with residents to reduce the incidence of infiltration and breakthroughs that may occur in the future.

He said Muthanna police chief Brigadier two prices Alaaajipa, in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The joint cooperation with the locals was still going to expel anyone who tries to desecration of the land of Samawah across the nearby from Saudi territory, the southern desert," stressing that "the deployment of security forces to curb the infiltration of terrorism (Daash) all the way. "

The Alaaajipa, "secure the southern desert area and spend Salman fully, as well as providing everything you need in those places scattered army of devices and equipment in anticipation of any kind of future violations."

For his part, the head of the security committee in the House of Muthanna province, team Vojin in an interview with the (long-Presse), "The police leadership introduced new and different from earlier in the work of security services after all subversive process get in the country any with terrorist evolution and plans of sabotage plans and that in order to repel their time, especially at the borders of the southern desert with Saudi Arabia to maintain the security of the region. "

Vojin He pointed out that "Muthanna is the great-based state that any get any breakthrough may make it easy the rest of the provinces taste in the case infiltrated by terrorism in the southern desert."

The Muthanna Police Command will deploy military sectors generality of Foreign Satradtha down to the southern desert to monitor the status of any breakthrough may normalize affect the city center.

The House of Muthanna province, honest in the (20 May 2015), on the security plan put in place to secure the southern desert and the deployment of additional forces in which, as he emphasized that the province needs the security of the promotion in anticipation of the entry of "terrorist groups" threaten the region.