Turks penetrated depth of 100 km and crossed agreement concluded with Saddam does not allow the establishment of military bases

2015-12-06 22:12:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Predicted conductivity parties, yesterday, to expand the Turkish incursion in Nineveh during the next week in a bid to Ankara to meet the Kurdistan Workers' Party, known as "BKK" on Iraqi territory.

He revealed parliamentarians to send the prime minister and defense minister to Sinjar to make sure that information about the presence of "foreign forces". The deputies pointed out that Turkey funded a camp run by the former governor of Nineveh, and equipping it had more than 10 tanks, and found that this is not consistent with training purposes.

To that high security sources confirmed the expiration of the agreement concluded by Ankara with the Saddam regime, because it allows the prosecution of opponents of the two countries before 2003. The sources and was amazed to have been deeply penetrated 100 kilometers, while the Convention provides 25 km only and does not allow the establishment of camps or barracks.

The number of Turks in Mosul

Daily newspaper quoted Turkish morning, yesterday, sources in Ankara confirmed the growing Turkish presence in northern Iraq over the next week to around 2,000 troops, especially in Bashiqa region to train the Peshmerga forces and volunteers to meet the Daash Mosul.

The paper says that Turkey is seeking to strengthen its military forces stationed in the region for nearly two and a half year.

In the meantime, Abdul Rahman Alloizi, MP for the province of Nineveh, he says, that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi had he received information a month ago the existence of a large group of Turkish troops in Mosul, under the pretext of training volunteers in near the Baishqh".

He Alloizi, in connection with the (range), that "al-Abadi sent late last November and his defense minister to visit on the occasion of Sinjar edited." But it draws out that "the main objective of the visit al-Obeidi, was found on Zhelkan camp which Mouselaon trained at the hands of the Turks."

Says MP from Nineveh "confirmed just days after news Turkish reinforcements arrived to prepare up to a thousand element in the same camp."

Between Baghdad and Najafi

He denies a member of the Union forces interview the former governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi that the entry of Turkish troops had knowledge of the government for the purpose of training of volunteers. He is stressing that "the Iraqi government after the entry Daash the international community demanded by helping to eliminate Daash and possibly Turkey introduced then coach 100 or less in these efforts."

Just weeks before the issuance of the Federal Court in Baghdad ratification decision to sack Najafi from his government began to pay heed to the camp "Zhelkan" which was comprised of about 8 thousand trainees.

Alloizi says that "orders were issued to transfer them to Baghdad," adding that "in 1034 of the total volunteer trainees and they received salaries from the body the popular crowd."

And the refusal of some trainees move on to Baghdad and Camp Speicher north of Tikrit, forcing the government to cut salaries.

And it confirms that the MP for Nineveh "Ethel Nujaifi chose only three regiments of volunteers and the demobilization of the rest," likely "to be this number receive salaries from Turkey at $ 500 per volunteer."

He wrote Ethel Nujaifi on the news of a breakthrough Turkish troops to the Iraqi border that it came "for the training of national forces and the crowd was at the request of Iraqi Prime Minister during his meeting with Turkish Prime Minister when asked any military assistance provided by Turkey to Iraq."

He said Najafi, in his page on Facebook, saying "It was the knowledge of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, when he spoke in the same issue with Davutoglu, and their impact sent Ankara military shipments to Baghdad airport as Turkish troops were sent to train our troops at Camp Zlican for more than eight months. "

But Alloizi believes that "Turkey exploit the training of volunteers to increase its influence in northern Iraq," stressing that "Turkey sent after that about 12 tanks for a camp mechanisms outweigh the training needs."

MP for fear of Nineveh to be the target of increasing the Turkish forces, at this time, is to eliminate the opposition PKK to Ankara, especially after their role in the liberation of the city of Sinjar.

According to the Daily morning that Ankara has trained 2,500 Kurdish peshmerga forces, and in 1250 of the Arab tribes forces, and it aims to expand its training programs to include 14 thousand fighters, in the face of terrorism and organizing Daash.

And student and prime ministers of the Republic, on Saturday night, Turkish troops entered Mosul to withdraw immediately. Haider al-Abadi stressed that those troops entered the country without permission.

On the other hand denounced a number of political blocs Turkish intervention and also asked to withdraw, while some Shi'ite factions threatened a popular crowd beat Turkish interests, also called Vice chest to use Moscow to remove Turkish troops.

It attributed the Iraqi political circles of the Turkish military incursion to the agreement concluded by Saddam's regime with the Turkish side to allow the intervention of the armies of both sides to pursue the opposition on the territory of the two countries.

Saddam and the Ankara Agreement

MP says Aadarahman Alloizi that "Turkey did not mention, in the recent crisis like they used each time, to the former security agreement with Saddam's regime, which allow the entry of the two countries in the territory of each depth of 25 km."

Alloizi believes that "the lack of modern Turkey from the Convention supports Ankara's desire to eliminate the Kurds on the land of the province of Nineveh opponents," pointing out that "the incursion was deeply about 100 km from the border."

But MP Mithal al-Alusi, a member of the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, says that "the basis of the problem is to ignore the previous security agreement concluded by Saddam."

He said al-Alusi, in an interview for the (long), that "the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki to renew the old agreement in 2007 to use it as leverage against the Kurds."

He is alleged parliamentary relations committee member that "the previous agreement include provisions secret, not revealed by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and call for its abolition, rather than multiplying the threat of Turkey."

Alusi says, "I visited the border with Turkey in 2007, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, and then I found a great camp hosted by Turkey on the border, as well as an airport for helicopters and heavy machinery."

A member of the Civil Alliance bloc goes on by saying, "I have prepared a report in three languages, together with a number of MPs, and sent him to the highest authorities in Iraq, warning of the danger of the Turkish presence on the border and demanded the abolition of the previous agreement but did not turn her one."

In turn, denies, however, Abawi, the former agent of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the renewal of the Turkish-Iraqi agreement after 2003 or reconsider its terms.

Abawi stressed, in a statement to (long) "The agreement did not include provisions to allow the establishment of military bases on the border."

Abawi modern confirms senior security official statement that "the Iraqi-Turkish agreement has become by virtue of the canceled or suspended, because she was talking about the prosecution of opponents of the two countries before the change in 2003".

According to a senior official, who has custody of the (long) on ​​his name, he said that "the Iraqi government in 2007 signed a memorandum of understanding with the Turkish side security, not agreement."

Borders incursion

In Mosul emphasizes local and wide-informed sources that "since the previous security agreement, signed in the eighties of the last century did not see Turkish troops beyond the known limits".

In the opinion of a tribal leader from Mosul, speaking for the (long) condition of anonymity, he said that "the issue of the Turkish incursion has been exaggerated."

He accused the tribal leader tribal leaders lost power after the sacking of the governor of Nineveh and the freezing crowd of Mosul, "the launch of inaccurate statements about the number of Turkish troops in an attempt to return to the political arena."

Nineveh Provincial Council decided to form a committee to visit "Zhelkan Camp" located on the outskirts of Mount Bashiqa which is controlled by the Peshmerga. Council seeks volunteers to count and coaches who are there too.

He says Bunyan Jarba, a member of the Nineveh provincial council in connection with the (range), that "the former governor was not with Dr provincial council tells us not to camp or agreement with Turkey."

He Jarba "We want as a board overseeing the camp to support the liberalization of Mosul efforts and we will form a committee to find out the number of volunteers and the level of arming and training and the number of trainers".

Jarba complain of weakness of the federal government in Baghdad in response to requests from the Government of Nineveh to support edited. He adds: "does not appear the government is serious in the liberation of Mosul, Baghdad, he visited a few months ago to get the support of volunteers, but did not get the 750 Kalashnikov Mstamla, and 50 pick."