Parliament rapporteur: it will not hold "emergency meeting" to discuss the Turkish race

2015 12 6

Denied the decision of Parliament Imad Youkhana, Sunday 06/12/2015, news about the contract "an emergency meeting" to discuss the Turkish breach committed by Ankara against the "Iraqi sovereignty" as described by politicians, noting that if there was an intention to hold such a meeting has since the first day of the breach .

Youkhana said in a press statement seen by Roudao network media, "if there was an intention to hold an emergency session to discuss the Turkish rags they would have held during the first days of the breach".

Youkhana added that "it is expected to be discussed topic during the regular sessions next week, when the return of the Council to continue its sessions."

The chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting had announced on Saturday, that the parliament will meet soon to discuss the repercussions of the attack, as did not indicate whether the meeting will be an emergency competent Turkish breach, or a regular session.