Darraji directed his ministry to activate its production companies to participate and invest advised: they did the industry's role in support ...

Today Iraq / Baghdad
We ask: What is of concern to the Minister of Industry and Minerals of Iraq? To read in his answer to the question: "The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, aims to develop the reality of their companies, and to promote the financial and productive performance, making them one of the tributaries of the national economy,
Exploiting the energies and competencies and expertise of companies that have the ability to work and industrial production, military and civilian, both ", and increased Mohammed Darraji," as well as trying to find a strategic partner through cooperation with the private sector, to set up production lines, training of cadres, to supplement the market local production factory hands and minds Iraqi pure, and implementation of vital projects that serve the country, especially in light of the security and financial crisis situation experienced by, and the difficult challenges faced by ", has Darraji announced officially - the inventory on the ministry's media:" the trend towards the reactivation of its companies in general, and companies Military Industrialization in particular, and to achieve industrial integration among them, and harnessing their energies and potential, for the award and meet the needs of sectors of the state, "either what triggered talk to the Minister, about all the foregoing, we read:" This came during his visit to the State Company for Industrial Design and Construction, and the General Company for design and implementation of projects - one of the formations and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. "