Political blocs have resolved the crisis to return to the list of Ministers and the House of Representatives .. Iraqi pose new names for the post of Defense Minister

Revealed Deputy for the Iraqi List, announced the launch of the names of new candidates for the post of defense minister.
said Rep. unit Jumaili told all of Iraq [where] «we heard the news announced the launch of Iraqi names of new candidates for the position of Secretary of Defense, which is the share of the list as part of what was agreed upon in terms of Convention on the Arbil. Without disclosing the names of the candidates or their number. Referred to the security ministries are still vacant and managed by proxy, despite the passage of more than a year to form the current government because of a dispute between the Iraqi List and a coalition of state law on the names of candidates for those ministries. And assigned Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the Ministry of Defence proxy to the Minister of Culture Saadoun al-Dulaimi, until the nomination of the Iraqi List, Personal conform to the rules and specifications for the job, was nominated by the Iraqi List, several figures for the post of defense minister is that al-Maliki rejected their candidates for the incompetence Ottorthm the activities of armed he says. and take-Maliki and the Interior Ministry and the Agency for the pending agreement on a candidate provided by the Alliance National, which includes several blocks and parties, including state law to Maliki.
in the context of online MP for / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Burhan Mohammed to the political blocs crisis, the return of the Iraqi List, to the House of Representatives and the Minister, noting that not to hold a national meeting will create a new crisis adversely affect the outcome of the Arab summit.
Mohammed said in a statement (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The Iraq live in a political crisis, but the political blocs that crisis re-entry of the Iraqi List, to the House of Representatives and the ministers, which led to the settlement of some differences among them. He added: There are promises between the political blocs to resolve all the problems in the national meeting of that need to be held, is the one who will Ihlhal disagreements and political conflicts. The MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc to: that is not in session the national meeting or delay to take place will create a new crisis that could worsen the situation and negatively affect the success of the Arab summit, noting that the conference was held before the Arab Summit will help us on the success of the summit. The leader of the mass of citizens MP / National Alliance / Mohammed Allkash between the presence of fear of political exacerbate the current crisis in a decade the national meeting, due to lack of involvement of everyone paper meeting. said Allkash in an earlier statement (the news): The current political crisis started in the legislative elections of the parliamentary session the second, and that a meeting of the political blocs during the Convention on the Erbil did not solve it, and caused other problems to it, explaining: a fear of a political crisis deepened during the meeting National, because of the lack of involvement of everyone in the meeting and participate Borkth. He called for the National: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi and the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, to inform all the politicians and the Iraqi people on the terms of Erbil.
the other hand, MP for the Kurdish coalition Mahmoud Othman, on Monday, the need to form a government of technocrats during the next election, stressing that the political blocs harmony to achieve this purpose. said Othman, told the future, that «there a technocratic government is absolutely necessary to run the country, depending on the minister with experience and qualifications of scientific disciplines pertaining to each of the Ministry », calling« the selection and technocrats in the event ended with the current government and begin to turn a new election after almost two years ». and that« the formation of a government of technocrats rely mainly on harmony of the political blocs among themselves, and agree to work as a body and one for the advancement of the country and move towards safety, but in the event of continued selection of Ministers on the basis of party affiliation or sectarian or ethnic, the situation will remain on what is in it ». and the number of observers, political affairs and economic criticized the performance of Ministers of the many ministries, skeptics efficiently many of them, Aazin reason for this not Astaizhar government ministers from experienced and competent in each ministry.