Defense: We asked Turkey to withdraw its troops and is pledged to address the situation in a positive way

2015-12-06 19:49:36 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Iraqi Ministry of Defense, Sunday, he demanded the Turkish government to withdraw its forces from Iraqi territory and to maintain the principles of good neighborliness, as Izzat Turkish counterpart reason to enter troops to Iraq to "lock" the Turks coaches in training camp for the popular crowd in Nineveh, undertook to rectify the situation, "an positive. "

The Defense Ministry said in a statement: "make sure our entry composed of infantry troops and some armored vehicles Turkish force, on Thursday evening, inside the Iraqi border into the city of Mosul," pointing out that "Turkey's defense minister ruled Yilmaz held a telephone conversation at length with Defence Minister Khaled Obeidi during which research in ways to address the situation between the two countries. "

The al-Obeidi, according to the statement, that "the entry of Turkish troops inside Iraq in this way is a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a violation of the rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness between the two countries, especially that he has been without coordination or prior knowledge with the Iraqi government," and urged the Turkish government to "withdraw its troops from inside Iraqi territory and to maintain the principles of good neighborliness and historical relations between the Iraqi and Turkish peoples. "

And between al-Obeidi, that "whatever the size of the entering force to Iraq is unacceptable, especially since it is not the knowledge of the Iraqi government and coordination with them, and he could make such advance this coordination and without the need to create conditions contribute to aggravating the situation between the two countries," stressing " Turkey should take the initiative by the positive in line with the rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness and the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Iraqi territory. "

For his part, the Turkish Minister of Defense that "the entry of Turkish force into Iraq was to secure coaches Turks inside the camp (Zlcan) used for the training of the popular crowd in Nineveh," adding that "the region is witnessing threats by terrorist groups Daash to this camp and that Turkey does not have the ambitions of the Iraqi territory. "

Turkish minister and pledged to "address the situation in a positive way and to inform the Iraqi government process steps for that," and urged his Iraqi counterpart to "meet the call against him, which have been pre-determined to visit Ankara."

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday (December 6, 2015), he had handed Turkey a memorandum strongly worded protest about the "blatant violation" of the sovereignty of Iraq after the entry of Turkish troops to the city of Mosul, while showed that Iraq has several options, including resorting to the Security Council to force Turkey to respect Iraq's sovereignty.

And it condemned the League of Arab States, today, the Turkish intervention in Iraq, describing it as "blatant", as pointed out that there is a general approval of the United Nations to take all measures to stop these interventions.

The student president of the Republic and Minister Fuad Masum, Haider al-Abadi, on Saturday, the Turkish government to withdraw "Almtoglp strength" in the Iraqi territory, except that "violation" of international norms and laws and "breach" of Iraq's sovereignty.

The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, said yesterday that his country has coordinated with the federal government on Turkish soldiers who are in Mosul, while the new support for Ankara government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.